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16.11. Thiago Nassif // KIT Café 09101122

16. November, 20:30 - 22:00

Recent Press
“The leading light of the new generation of Brazilian songwriters” – Arto Lindsay
“His record packs the kind of acerbic, off-kilter Tom Zé-Elza Soares buzz that delivers samba and its children from suave.”
– Robert Christgau, Noisey
“Brilliant” – Spectrum Culture
„It’s music of nowhere and everywhere, disappearance and arrival, the archive becoming the now.“ – The New York Times

Artist Biography
Thiago Nassif is a Brazilian musician, composer and producer based in Rio de
Janeiro, whose impactful mélange of pop, jarring no-wave, and edgy Tropicália
has slowly been turning heads the world over.
His first album, “Garconnière“, released in 2009, was produced by Rubens E.
Santo and built around audio collages. It was at this point that he became active
within Sao Paulo’s independent music scene, improvising in clubs and galleries,
exploring the visual aspects of sounds and the visual sensations they generate.
In 2011, Thiago released his second album “Práxis”, a Greek word meaning

‘learning from experimenting’. For this, he gathered a supporting cast of musi-
cians, painters, sculptors and architects, who each brought their own perspect-
ives and techniques to the record.

His third album, “Três”, (co-produced by no wave icon Arto Lindsay), was re-
leased in 2016 in Brazil and re-released in 2018 via British label Foom to critical

acclaim. Inspired by artists such as Tom Zé, Ricardo Villalobos, and James
Chance, the album features contributions from some of Brazil’s most exciting,
new generational talents, such as Negro Leo and Domenico Lancelloti.
Following on from this, Thiago Nassif co-produced Arto Lindsay’s recent “Cuidado Madame” album and recorded his follow-up

Thiago’s fourth album Mente was released in July 2020 via Gearbox Records. The album’s title is a Portuguese homonym
meaning “mind” and “to lie”, and represents Thiago’s attitude towards what he calls the “post-truth” state of Brazil’s political
regime. Again, with Arto Lindsay as co-producer, the music goes deep into no-wave, electronic music, Tropicalismo, jazz and
rock, moving between funk carioca to dystopian, distorted bossa nova. Mixing together the languages of Portuguese and
English, the album shows the process of Thiago’s mind on transforming thoughts into products, music, color, and lacquer. “As
vezes Plástico as vezes Pele”, meaning sometimes plastic sometimes skin. From the most profound to the shallow, the mind
works as catalyst and a translator.
The album achieved critical praise from a global selection of press including The Wire, who described it as a “crunchy and
distorted, yet undeniably funky”, Pitchfork, who called it “a testament to a local avant-garde scene still bursting with creativity”,
as well as fans ranging from Iggy Pop to Cornelius to DJ and broadcaster Nick Luscombe.
The connection between Nassif’s music and Cornelius’ is evident, with Nassif citing the latter’s music as an early influence on
his own compositions. This stretches further, to the historic cultural exchange that has taken place between Japan and Brazil.
Thiago Nassif is set to release a remix by Cornelius of Mente track “Pele de Leopardo” on June 28, 2021.


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