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04.07.2022 Groupe RTD

4. Juli, 20:30 - 22:00

‚Die Dancing Devils of Djibouti‘ – Die offizielle Radio Band dieses abgelegenen ostafrikanischen Staates zu Besuch im KIT

Everybody loves the laidback vibes of classic Somali pop. Next to other archival recordings on respected labels like Analog Africa or Awesome Tapes, Ostinato Records’ Grammy-nominated compilation „Sweet As Broken Dates“ has been the gateway drug for many avid music buffs in the west.

But due to political unrest in the area, there are very few bands that can still capture thie unique mixture of sweet and funky sounds live nowadays. Therefore it was a sensation when Ostinato followed up on „Broken Dates“ with „The Dancing Devils of Djibouti“ in 2020. It presented Groupe RTD, the official radio band of the secluded East African state, in an after-hours mode and full flight.

While the pandemic has made it impossible to make this band travel to Europe so far, we are optimistic about making this adventure happen next summer. We can wait to finally present this spectacular outfit to the world.

Fronted by three breath-taking singers and a cast of no less than six seasoned instrumentalists, they are ready to set any stage on fire!


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